Dante announces plans for Heat Treat 2021

Dante Solutions will present two technical publications at Heat Treat 2021. (Courtesy: Dante Solutions)

Dante Solutions will be at Heat Treat 2021 to share recent advancements in heat treatment modeling and talk heat treatment simulation with fellow conference goers.

The 2021 ASM Heat Treat Society (HTS) Technical Conference and Exposition (Heat Treat 2021) is September 14-16 in St. Louis, Missouri. Dante representatives will be at Booth 1720.

Dante Solutions will also present two technical publications at Heat Treat 2021.

Justin Sims will present a publication titled, “Process to Minimize Distortion during High Pressure Gas Quenching Processes,” which examines a patent-pending unique gas quenching process developed by Dante Solutions. Termed Dante Controlled Gas Quenching (DCGQ), the publication explores the prototype unit, operation, and experimental results.

Jason Meyer will present a publication titled, “Modeling the Effect of Chemistry Changes on Phase Transformation Timing, Hardness, and Distortion in Carburized 8620 Gear Steel,” which uses simulation to explore the effects of alloy composition variation on the heat treatment response of AISI 8620 steel alloy. The publication also validates the Dante model against published data for AISI 8620.

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