Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited Contracted to Supply Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Hardening and Tempering System


Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd. has recently been contracted by Koelner to design, manufacture and commission a Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Hardening and Tempering Furnace System used in the manufacture of high grade fasteners.  The Koelner Group selected Can-Eng Furnaces International as their supplier of choice because of Can-Eng’s extensive experience developing state-of-the-art continuous mesh belt atmosphere heat treatment systems. Can-Eng’s heat treatment system provides predictable metallurgical properties, enhanced process control features, CQI-9 quality initiatives and energy conservation design features. These quality enhancements and design initiatives reflect Can- Eng’s commitment to continuous improvement for its Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Furnace Line and the European and Russian Marketplace.

Can-Eng’s new large capacity systems represent a significant investment by Koelner to further service its customers in the Automotive, Construction, Mining, Electrical and Ship Building industries located in Europe and North America. 
These new automated continuous systems include:

1)       Computerized Bin Discharge and Metered Part Handling System
2)       Pre and Post wash systems complete with Dephosphating Capability
3)       Mesh Belt Hardening system with Energy Reduction System
4)       Oil Quenching System
5)       Protective Atmosphere Mesh Belt Tempering Furnace
6)       Continuous Soluble Oil Blackening System
7)       Siemens Based Control Architecture
8)       Enhanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system
9)       Integrated Atmosphere Generator Systems

This project represents one of a number of new Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Hardening and Tempering installations that Can-Eng Furnaces International is currently commissioning for manufacturers around the world. 

For further information please contact Tim Donofrio – Vice President, Standard and Aluminum Products at