ASM International offers slate of courses


In the ever-changing and expanding market of heat treating, it is important to stay up to date with the newest procedures and trends.

Stay current and be at the forefront of the industry by taking a heat-treating course with ASM. Upcoming courses include:

HT, Microstructures and Performance Carbon and Alloy Steels
December 10-12, 2018, ASM Headquarters, 2.0 CEUs

Heat-treated bar and forging steels remain the major material for parts (such as shafts, gears, bearing, fasteners, oil country tubulars, aircraft landing gear, tools of all sorts, and many other applications) manufactured for demanding applications that require high or ultra-high strength, high-fatigue resistance, and/or high wear resistance, all combined with good levels of toughness and fracture resistance. This course will review the phases that form in carbon and alloy steels and the modifications produced in the iron-carbon diagram by alloying and manufacture. Microstructures and the phase transformations by which they are produced in all phases of manufacture, from casting through quench and tempering, will be described and related to mechanical properties and performance, including fracture and potential embrittlement phenomena.


February 11-13, 2019; ASM Headquarters; 2.0 CEUs

Heat treating is considered the least understood, but most integral part of the manufacturing processes. An efficient heat-treating process reduces the overall manufacturing costs associated with energy use, scrap, re-work, and quality issues. Heat treating is critical for your business and industry.

The Basics of Heat Treating course provides an interactive approach to learning the basic elements associated with the heat treating of metals. The course includes a variety of real-life manufacturing situations for discussion. There is also an interactive question and answer sessions integrated throughout the course.

Hands-on activities and demonstrations are integrated throughout the course to help guide you. These activities will take place in a newly renovated and state-of-the-art lab and will focus on:

  • Hardness testing.
  • Steel hardening.
  • Tensile testing and Impact testing.
  • Microstructures including a demo of the newly acquired SEM scope.


February 14-15, 2019; ASM Headquarters; 1.5 CEUs

Heat treating is key to most manufacturing process, so the equipment used is just as important as the process itself. This course provides an overview of essential aspects associated with various furnace units used to heat treat metallic parts. This will give you an inside view of the world of heat-treating furnaces and equipment.

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