IHEA’s 2020 fall combustion and safety seminars go virtual


Each fall, the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) brings industrial process heating professionals together to provide combustion and safety education for the industry. This year will look different, but IHEA will still deliver essential content through a virtual platform. IHEA is committed to continuing to provide a base of industry knowledge even in challenging times. These seminars are a great resource for those who are responsible for the operation, design, and maintenance of industrial process furnaces and ovens.

The IHEA Virtual Fall Seminars will be over two consecutive weeks in November, Wednesday-Friday each week. Each day will consist of three presentations from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST. The agendas for the virtual seminars contain vital topics that have been adapted to online versions so attendees can still get the information they need whether they are working from home or in the office.

2020 Virtual Combustion Seminar

November 11–13

For more than 50 years, IHEA has offered this valuable educational seminar for those in the heat-processing industry. IHEA is fortunate to have the support of member company experts to provide the instruction. Attendees will receive a flash drive containing presentations.

Topics to be covered during this three-day virtual seminar include:

  • Fundamentals of Combustion: Keenan Cokain, Bloom Engineering Co., Inc.
  • Burners and Nozzles: Brian Kelly, Honeywell Thermal Solutions.
  • Practical Fluid Flow & Piping Practices: Bob Sanderson, Rockford Systems.
  • Combustion System Safety: Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety.
  • Flame Safety and Sequence Control: Scott Fogle, SCC Inc.
  • Fuel/Air Ratio Control: Bob Sanderson, Rockford Systems.
  • Heat Application – Low Temperature: Ryan McClain, MP Combustion.
  • Heat Application – High Temperature: B.J. Bernard, Surface Combustion.
  • System Troubleshooting: Brian Kelly, Honeywell Thermal Solutions.

2020 Virtual Safety Standards and Codes Seminar

November 18–20

This seminar covers critical safety information for those involved with a wide range of industrial thermprocess applications. Attendees will receive a printed copy of the current NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces.

The three-day virtual seminar will include the following sessions presented by IHEA members who are experts in safety:

  • Overview of NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens & Furnaces, including Administration, References & Definitions: Kevin Carlisle, Karl Dungs.
  • Gas Line Evacuation Purging & Charging: Kevin Carlisle, Karl Dungs.
  • Furnace Heating Systems, including Class B Furnace Considerations: Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety.
  • Safety Equipment & Application, including Safety Shutoff Valves: Aaron Zoeller, SCC Inc.
  • Safety Equipment & Application with Safety Controls & Devices: Michael San Antonio, Fireye.
  • Class A Ovens & Furnaces and Thermal Oxidizers: Jason Safarz, Karl Dungs.
  • Safety Equipment & Application, including Programmable Logic Controller Systems: Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety.
  • Special Atmospheres for Class C Ovens & Furnaces: Anthony Cherol, Surface Combustion.
  • Class C Furnace – Quench & Molten Salt Bath: Anthony Cherol, Surface Combustion.
  • Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection & Testing: Aaron Zoeller, SCC Inc.

Registration fee for each 3-day virtual event is $295 for IHEA members and $350 for non-members. Register for both seminars and take advantage of our multiple seminar discount: $499 for members; $599 for non-members. Attendees who complete each seminar will receive a certificate awarding PDHs following the conclusion of the seminars.

For additional details and to register, go to: www.ihea.org and click the Education & Events tab.

Calendar of Events

October 5–November 15
Fundamentals of Process Heating On-Line Course
6 Week Online Course | Registration open until October 1 

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of heat transfer, fuels and combustion, energy use, furnace design, refractories, automatic control, and atmospheres as applied to industrial process heating. Students will gain a basic understanding of heat transfer principles, fuels and combustion equipment, electric heating and instrumentation and control for efficient operation of furnaces and ovens in process heating.

October 20–21
Powder Coating & Curing Processes Seminar
Alabama Power Technology Applications Center | Calera, Alabama

The day and a half Introduction to Powder Coating & Curing Processes Seminar will include classroom instruction and hands-on lab demonstrations.

For details on IHEA events, go to www.ihea.org/events