IHEA shines a spotlight on its recent member, Weishaupt Corporation

An aerial view of Weishaupt’s main works in Schwendi, Germany.

Weishaupt Corporation recently joined the Industrial Heating Equipment Association and is proud to be part of a select group of organizations. IHEA strives to provide knowledge, training, and resources to its members and is the authoritative voice for industrial process heating professionals. Weishaupt will collaborate with all IHEA members toward a successful future.

Weishaupt has a lot to offer the heat-treat industry, so IHEA presents this brief profile so its members can get better acquainted with Weishaupt and what the company brings to the table:

Practical training on operational burners.
The WM-G20 monarch®-series gas burner. Digital control, modular construction, and the latest technologies make the monarch®-series an all-around good investment.

The Weishaupt name is a byword for reliability, premium quality, and outstanding service. As a medium-sized, family-owned, and managed organization, it is large enough for its energy technologies to be a global success, but small enough to act independently, flexibly, and consistently. About 100 highly specialized technicians, designers, and engineers work on the development of products at the Weishaupt Research and Development Centre, taking them from the drawing board to the production line. The R&D Centre has been the foundation of reliable Weishaupt technology since 1962.

Weishaupt insists on the utmost quality and precision. Weishaupt releases only well-engineered equipment and accessories to the market to ensure they are reliable. Weishaupt recently has invested $13 million in a new burner housing production facility at its main plant in Schwendi. This will allow the company to meet the growing global demand of customers over the coming years for efficient large burners with low emissions. Weishaupt burners are used on a wide variety of heat exchangers and industrial plants, and their sound construction, high efficiency, and reliability have helped to support Weishaupt’s reputation for outstanding quality.

Burner training room.

Weishaupt is also setting the standard in Canada. A new headquarters facility for its North American subsidiary is under construction and will be launched in this year. The investment of approximately $18 million for the new 43,000-square-foot building has allowed the addition of administration, sales and parts provision, and a training room with three new boilers for the technical development of its customers and partners.

For more information on Weishaupt Corporation, visit: www.weishaupt-corp.com.

For more information on the Industrial Heating Equipment Association visit: www.ihea.org.

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