Refrac Systems

Refrac Systems was established in 1984 to provide vacuum metallurgy engineering and fabrication services for initial product development, prototype development & testing, custom part fabrication and high volume production. We currently provide heat treating, brazing, powder metal compaction and vacuum hot pressing with particular emphasis on planar diffusion bonding.

Our customers utilize our expertise with high temperature materials and our furnaces capable of temperatures up to 7034°F and bonding loads to 120 tons to:

  • Refine product designs
  • Fabricate and test prototypes
  • Develop process parameters
  • Fabricate complex laminate structures
    • Sensors
    • Controls
    • Micro-fluidic plumbing
    • Heat transfer devices
  • Sinter powder metals
  • Flatten high tolerance parts

Refrac Systems maintains a rigorous Quality Control System based on AS9000 and it currently exceeds the requirements of ISO9000 and AS9000.  Our system has been enhanced by the addition of many customer specific requirements to meet the needs of projects for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NASA and the Biomedical industry (audited to FDA 13458:2003).

Refrac Systems also maintains a registered FAA anti-drug and alcohol misuse prevention program required to produce MRO and other PMA components for our aerospace customers.

All employees undergo random testing in accordance with program requirements. Our Quality Policy is to: ”Ensure our customers’ satisfaction by continuously improving our processes to enable Refrac Systems to provide world class vacuum metallurgy services.”


Refrac Systems specializes in vacuum and other types of specialty controlled atmosphere heat treating. As a vacuum process facility we do not normally perform any operations that require oil or water quench operations. We do perform rapid backfill “mar-quench” type cooling operations using hydrogen or helium gas to obtain fast cooling rates.

We also have the capability to run controlled partial pressures of oxygen up to 2,000o C, using all noble metal furnace architectures.

If you have a specialty heat treatment requirement using ultra high purity atmosphere or vacuum requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.