Penna Flame Industries

Established in 1968, Penna Flame Industries has viewed customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Our full service facility is capable of a variety of services including: flame hardening, robotic flame & induction hardening, cryogenics and tempering. We specialize in industrial rolls, wheels, gears & rails. All of our processes include a full furnace temper and state of the art inspection.

Penna Flame revolutionized the flame hardening industry by installing the first FANUC robotics cell in 2008.  Our robotic induction hardening system offers unparalleled quality and repeatability. PFI currently has four FANUC robotics cells. When coupled with programmable index tables, these robots can decrease total production time while maintaining the highest quality in precision surface hardening.

Penna Flame spinning capabilities are second to no one in the world. With a variety of sizes, our latest machine installed in 2018 has the ability to harden product up to 80″ Diameter with an immediate drop immersion quench. The part temperature is constantly monitored with 4, infrared units as well as a thermal imaging camera. Complete HD video allows management to monitor the entire process and replay if necessary.

Our specialized “Deep Case” total roll hardening process can surface harden high alloy materials such as 4140, 4340, 52100 and Modified 52100. The process is completely controlled through a PLC that monitors, temperature, speed, quench flow and pressures. All rolls get a full oven temper and for 52100 grades of steel, a deep cryogenic treatment.

The management team at Penna Flame focuses on delivering our customers the best quality and service possible. Please give us a call today.

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