Avion Manfacturing Company

Since 1976, AVION has been a successful provider of high-quality spare parts for heat treatment equipment. We work with costumers from a diverse base to fit the needs of their heat treatment facilities. Achieving an export share of more than 50%, we are an internationally oriented company and deliver to customers in more than 20 countries.

AVION provides comprehensive service to the heat treatment industry focusing on supplying high quality spare parts for industrial furnaces. Our company is especially successful in the development of energy-saving heating systems made of alternative materials (Si/SiC).

Our innovative customers benefit from AVION’s policy of providing products with an exceptionally developed price/performance ratio.

AVION is specialized in meeting specific customer demands, from the improved burner tip to the complete modernization of existing product lines.

AVION has been a long-time partner to many customers. The competent consultancy by our experts in Brunswick, OH and the local attention by our international partners makes us an asset to both new and long-term customers.

Boronizing is a thermochemical surface treatment in which Boron atoms diffuse into the steel substrate and for a very hard Borocoat-layer. Boronizing easily tops the performance of commonly used methods such as carburizing and nitriding.

Properties of Borocoat Layers

  • High hardness 1400-2600 HV, even on non-alloyed steels
  • Diffusion depth 10-250 ¼m
  • High abrasion resistance, resistance against cold welding
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Self-lubricating effect at high temperatures
  • Superior bonding strength, no coating but diffusion layer
  • Good resistance against molten metals (Al, Zn)


  • Automotive components (turbo charger engineering)
  • Oil and gas industry (valves and accessories)
  • Power plant engineering
  • Tool-making and metal forming technology
  • Plastics processing
  • Glass production
  • Gear manufacturing
  • Components for textile machinery
  • Aluminum processing
  • Mechanical engineering