Seco/Warwick nominated for best innovations award


Seco/Warwick is an award-winning company that has been interested in unconventional and innovative solutions since its inception. The company has developed many intelligent tools to support production processes using artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (loT), and the latest concept of Industry 4.0. Due to these innovations, the company has been nominated for the Intelligent Development Award in the category of Innovations in Industry 4.0. The Intelligent Development Award is a distinction appreciating the most innovative projects.

Observing the global market trends related to Industry 4.0, Seco/Warwick created a comprehensive management system for predicting maintenance issues for both metal heat treatment and vacuum metallurgy systems, equipped with a unique failure detection system. The effect of this project is the Seco/Predictive system for monitoring furnaces for heat treatment.

Seco/Predictive is an intelligent device control system that can detect potential failures before they occur. Unplanned downtime at work costs the global industry billions of dollars of lost revenue. The purpose of Seco/Predictive is predicting failures which previously seemed unpredictable.

Based on predictive analytics, Seco/Predictive, together with the Seco/Lens® leveraging augmented reality technology, are the latest group’s solutions supporting production and service processes. Awareness of the need to implement advanced and intelligent solutions often called “the brains” of an entire production line, is constantly growing. Seco/Warwick, as a production company, perfectly understands these needs, offering innovations that increase the resilience of companies and their business performance.

The Awards Gala will take place at the IV Intelligent Development Forum in November. This is the fourth edition of the economic event for new technologies, innovations, inventors and innovative investments.

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