PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Heat Treat Doctor Publishes Second Volume on Atmosphere Heat Treatment


Dan Herring’s latest book, Atmosphere Heat Treatment, Volume II, focuses on furnace atmospheres, quenching practices, testing, safety, conservation, maintenance, and specification compliance. Together with Volume I (2014) that emphasized fundamental principles, materials, metallurgy, applications, and equipment, these volumes serve as a comprehensive resource on the subject of atmosphere technology as conducted in furnaces and ovens. It affords insights into practices and procedures used throughout the heat treatment industry. Together with its companion work, Vacuum Heat Treatment (2012), Herring has provided a well-rounded introduction to this multi-faceted subject.

These works offer the heat treatment industry a unique perspective on atmosphere heat treatment. They are intended to provide the reader with practical advice, a diverse set of application examples, and a wide range of technical and engineering information necessary to make informed decisions about why and how to heat treat.

What makes these books unique is that they are written in such a way that engineers, metallurgists, heat-treat operators, supervisors, managers, quality and production engineers, or just about anyone interested in thermal processing or manufacturing can become skilled in the art and science of atmosphere heat treatment.

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