Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic Manufactures a Double-Pallet Forge Furnace for a Major Aerospace Supplier


An existing Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic customer purchased its first double-pallet forge furnace. The furnace will be used for pre-heating and heat-treating rolled rings. It is capable of processing two 5.5 feet (1.68 meters) wide by 5.5 feet (1.68 meters) deep by 2.75 feet (0.838 meters) high workloads with a gross weight of 9,000 pounds (4,086 kilograms) each.

The load is heated by five Kromschröder Ecomax pulse-fired self-recuperative burners. A forced convection system results in ±20°F with temperature capabilities of up to 2,150°F. A Honeywell HC900 controls and monitors the temperature process of the furnace. The PLC will also allow the operator to program multiple temperature ramp rates and set points via input from one type N thermocouple assembly mounted to the rear wall. The furnace is insulated with energy-efficient materials to maintain a reasonable cold-face temperature and minimize heat loss while operating at normal process parameters. A custom-designed door and guide system allow for an efficient and repeatable seal.

Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic manufactures standard and custom, batch and continuous equipment used worldwide in the commercial heat-treating, aerospace, automotive, fastener, gear, tool, mining, military, and power-generation industries. It has recently manufactured a wide range of gas-fired and electrically heated furnaces of various sizes and types. Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic offers world-class furnace capabilities with simplified yet sophisticated designs.