Oelheld introduces forging lubricants at Forge Fair 2019


Oelheld announced a line of forging lubricants at Forge Fair 2019. The company is also a new member of the Forging Industry Association.

The forging lubricants include:

AirForge OH 40009: Combines cleanliness with the added lubricity of graphite in oelheld’s synthetic die lubricant.

AirForge OH 40009: A synthetic high-performance die lubricant for steel, titanium and nickel-based alloys. The product contains some graphite to add lubricity for deeper draw parts. AirForge OH 40009 is cleaner to work with than a true graphite lube. The maximum die temperature is 300°C and the maximum work piece temperature is 1,200°C.

AirForge OH 40028:Semi-synthetic die lubricant guarantees unblemished surface finish on aluminum.

AirForge OH 40028: A semi-synthetic die lubricant for warm forging aluminum up to 650°C. It is formulated for excellent lubrication and release properties. The product promotes superior material flow and guarantees unblemished surface finish.

AirForge 4028:Transparent synthetic die lubricant for the optimum die and workpiece cleanliness.

AirForge 4028 is a synthetic, graphite-free, high-performance die lubricant for steel alloys with excellent lubricating properties. AirForge 4028 can be used at temperatures from 900 to 1,200°C. The excellent lubrication properties ensure no residue in the die and clean gravures.

The company will be at the Motion + Power Technology Expo in Detroit, Michigan, October 15-17, Booth #3803.

MORE INFO  www.oelheld.com