Ipsen Shipped 25 Furnaces in Q4, Concluding a Record Year


Ipsen wrapped up a record year by shipping 25 furnaces during the last three months of 2016. With destinations in six countries and 13 states, this equipment will support the aerospace, automotive, commercial heat treating, medical, and MIM industries. Heat-treating systems ranged from a custom-built debinding and sintering furnace to a horizontal MetalMaster® vacuum furnace with a 20,000-pound (9,072 kilograms) load capacity.

Included among the shipments were an atmosphere washer and loader, as well as several H2- and H6-sized Titan® vacuum furnaces equipped with the PdMetrics® predictive maintenance software platform. This exclusive platform helps optimize equipment performance and minimize downtime. Other vacuum furnaces shipped included horizontal and vertical MetalMaster furnaces, Titan DS (debinding and sintering) furnaces, a VerticalTurbo, a Titan LT (low-temperature), a horizontal TurboTreater®, and an HEQ (horizontal external quench) from the VFS® product line.

To best support these industries, Ipsen’s global ICS (Ipsen Customer Service) team facilitates system installations, as well as provides expert training, startup assistance, and 360-degree support throughout the entire life span of the equipment for any brand.