Heat treater installs Premier Furnace/Beavermatic IQF

The new BeaverMatic IQF is gas-fired using single ended radiant tube (SER) burners for optimum efficiency. (Courtesy: Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic)

A technically and scientifically-progressive commercial heat-treating company in Canada has installed a Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic internal quench furnace (IQF) and a Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic spray/dunk washer to meet customer demands for improving product processing and production cycles.

The new BeaverMatic IQF Furnace, with a work area of 36” wide x 48” long x 40” high, was purchased for hardening 4,000 pounds (gross), and an operating temperature of 1,850°F. The unit is gas-fired using single ended radiant tube (SER) burners for optimum efficiency.

For precision control of temperature and furnace operations, a PLC with full-screen HMI along with process control software are being used for temperature, atmosphere, sophisticated recipe programming, and oil quenching. Ethernet communications, built-in data logging, and an expandable I/O, are among the features. Complementing the process control is a data acquisition/control system, which will provide the customer with quick access to real-time and historical data throughout the plant.

The customer, as an environmentally-conscious heat treater, chose eco-friendly products and methods to minimize the environmental impact. This internal quench furnace uses approximately 4,000 gallons of oil while meeting the requested heating and cooling requirements. The new furnace also incorporates a quench oil centrifugal filtration system.

In tandem, the Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic spray/dunk washer, with identical workload capacity, will accommodate and remove most quench oils before the next process. Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic constructs the spray/dunk washer out of stainless steel. Its agitation and robust design exceeds most competitors’ designs.

MORE INFO  www.premierfurnace.com or www.beavermatic.com