Geberit adds furnaces from Seco/Warwick

The two delivered Seco/Warwick furnaces will be adjusted to Geberit’s needs by doubling the available working space of the furnace. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

An order for two furnaces is the first order for Seco/Warwick from Geberit, the European leader in sanitary products. The finished system is a hybrid model of the Vector® vacuum annealing furnace.

The two furnaces will be tailor-made according to customer requirements. The two single-chamber Vector vacuum furnaces for annealing will be delivered to the Geberit Group’s production plant in Ozorków. Both furnaces are adapted to the specific requirements of the customer, increasing the standard dimensions of the furnace working space, 900 x 900 x 1,200 mm to 900 x 900 x 2,400 mm. These changes will allow the manufacturer to double the efficiency of the furnaces in one technological process.

The Vector is the most frequently chosen vacuum furnace for heat treatment, including specialized commercial heat treat and hardening plants from around the world. Customers choose Vector because it is widely used, reliable, characterized by high precision and repeatability of processes. This vacuum annealing furnace is a very efficient and versatile device used in a wide range of materials and metal alloys. It is used for many heat-treatment processes including gas hardening, tempering, annealing, brazing, and degassing.

The Vector is a solution frequently chosen by manufacturers of fittings, especially those made of stainless steel, due to the guaranteed performance of achieving the required metallographic parameters and perfect cleanliness of the surfaces of the processed elements.

“An individual product is an important element and a huge distinguishing feature of the Seco/Warwick offer, allowing the use of tailor-made technology. An individual approach to the furnace design is a project that requires expert engineering knowledge. Seco/Warwick engineers have the knowledge and experience that are needed to adjust the technology and its parameters so that it ensures the safety and failure-free operation of the device, but above all that the solution meets the expectations and needs of the client,” said Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of Seco/Warwick Group.

This is the first order from Geberit and the first pair of Seco/Warwick vacuum furnaces that will operate in the Polish production plant.

Geberit begins a new chapter in its history as it invests in heat-treatment processes, building its independence. Additionally, some of the processes carried out in traditional atmospheric furnaces will now be performed in modern Vector vacuum furnaces.

“We chose the Seco/Warwick Vector furnaces due to the guaranteed quality and efficiency but also the high cleanliness of the surfaces of the processed details, which is very important to us, as the elements are displayed in open Geberit sanitary installations, thus aesthetics play an important role,” said Mirosław Spasiński, head of the technical department of Geberit in Ozorków.

The key quality parameter of the processed elements are excellent metallographic results, guaranteeing the appropriate strength of the elements and their very high purity after the heat treatment process.