Gasbarre supplies car bottom furnace to U.S. manufacturer

The operating temperature of the car bottom furnace is 1,000°F (538°C) to 2,282°F (1250°C), and it will be used for stress relieving, normalizing, and other high-temperature processes. (Courtesy: Gasbarre)

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems recently manufactured and commissioned a high temperature car bottom furnace for a Southern U.S. manufacturer of excavating equipment. The furnace has a work zone of 84 inches wide by 144 inches long by 48 inches high with a 16,000-pound load capacity. The operating temperature is 1,000°F (538°C) to 2,282°F (1250°C), and will be used for stress relieving, normalizing, and other high-temperature processes. The furnace was purchased to replace an existing furnace, which gave the customer improved operating efficiency and higher temperature processing capabilities. The heating system features low emissions gas-fired burners with a custom-designed control scheme to meet the customer’s strict NOx and CO requirements. The furnace meets AMS 2750 temperature uniformity requirements across a wide temperature operating range, and was custom designed to fit into the customer’s existing space in their facility.

Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems in Plymouth, Michigan, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a full line of industrial thermal processing equipment for more than 40 years. Gasbarre’s product offering includes both batch and continuous heat-processing equipment and specializes in temper, tip up, mesh belt, nitriding, box, car bottom, pit, and vacuum furnaces as well as a full line of replacement parts and auxiliary equipment which consists of atmosphere generators, washers, quench tanks, and charge cars. Gasbarre continues to service and support J. L. Becker brand equipment and custom designs and manufactures thermal processing equipment to meet customer’s specific needs.