Fabricator Alloy Engineering acquires Thermcraft Inc.


Alloy Engineering, a diverse fabricator specializing in high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys, has acquired Thermcraft Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality thermal processing equipment.

“Selling Thermcraft was easier knowing it’s going to a company that respects its history and values its employees like Alloy Engineering does. Tom would be happy to know there is a bright future for Thermcraft,” said Nancy Crafton, widow of former president and CEO Thomas Crafton.

The acquisition of Thermcraft Inc. fits into Alloy Engineering’s strategy to expand its high temperature product offering. By purchasing Thermcraft Inc., Alloy Engineering can leverage its expertise in high-temperature alloys along with Thermcraft’s expertise in ceramics and heaters to deliver some innovative products to both existing and new customers and markets.

“I am excited and eager to take the reputation built by the Crafton family along with the Thermcraft employees and grow it to the next level. By merging the core competencies of both companies and taking innovative solutions to market, we will provide a solid future for both of our companies,” said Lee Watson, president and CEO of Alloy Engineering.

Since 1943, Alloy Engineering in Berea, Ohio, has been an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality alloy equipment for high-temperature and corrosive industrial applications in installations around the world. Built on a foundation of engineering, fabrication, and high-temperature materials expertise, Alloy serves customer in a variety of applications and industries including aerospace, chemical processing, heat treat, powder metals, steel and metal process, and power gen.

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