Custom Steel Fabricators invests in welding solutions

By using the side support arms, the customer is able to support the cylinder as they fit the joint. (Courtesy: Pemamek)

Custom Steel Fabricators, Inc. consists of two workshops and an approximately 50,000 square feet working area in Columbia, Tennessee. The company serves a variety of industries such as power, chemical, cement, aluminum, and carbon products with work experience of all 300 series of stainless steels, duplexes, and 6 percent moly grades, as well as most nickel alloys.

Custom Steel Fabricators, Inc. employs about 40 people and has steadily grown its scope of work throughout the years    which is one of the reasons the company decided to invest in PEMA solutions. After the first interactions in 2018, Pemamek delivered the first PEMA solutions to Custom Steel Fabricators, Inc. during the spring of 2020.

“As the scope of our work and our customer base grew, one of the challenges we faced in our fabrication process was the fitting and welding of large-diameter shells. The use of turning rolls and a welding manipulator with SAW process assisted, but as the required sizes kept growing, these solutions proved to be inadequate,” said Tony Sciotto, the president of Custom Steel Fabricators, Inc.

To tackle the challenge and offer various production benefits, Pemamek delivered PEMA Assembly Station TW5000-25 with side support arms and integration to PEMA MD 4.5×5 Column & Boom with single SAW welding head to the Tennessee-based client.

“Before, our manual fitting was quite accurate, but it was also quite slow. We needed to improve the speed and accuracy of the fit-up of large cylinders with automated solutions, which enable a faster and more efficient process. By using the side support arms, we are now able to support the cylinder as we fit the joint and also throughout the welding process —  no more manual fit-ups,” said Sciotto.

Custom Steel Fabricators, Inc. is working on a “thick alloy 2205 duplex stainless fabrication project 156” in diameter, where PEMA solutions are already put to use.

Pemamek Ltd, founded in 1970, is a global welding and production automation leader. With the extensive 50-year experience in welding and production automation, Pemamek is dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and power generation industry, to raise the level of productivity.