Abbott Furnace to host brazing symposium in Mexico


Abbott Furnace Company will host a Continuous Brazing Symposium in Mexico May 21-23, for manufacturers and suppliers to the brazing and powder metal sintering industries.

The company’s fifth annual symposium is a gathering opportunity for new and seasoned professionals interested in honing their knowledge of brazing.

For two and a half days attendees will hear from experts in the areas of continuous furnaces, filler metals, belts, CQI-9, furnace atmosphere generation, and atmosphere flow control, troubleshooting, maintenance and optimization. Lecturers are Penn State University adjunct professor Dr. Steve Feldbauer, who serves as Abbott Furnace Company’s director of research and development; Miguel Martel, mechatronics engineer at Abbott Furnace Company, Mexico; Victor Zacarias, managing director, Global Thermal Solutions, Mexico; Creed Darling, director, technical sales, Bellman-Melcor LLC; Cory Bloodsworth, director, New Business Development, Cambridge Engineered Solutions; Antonio Mendoza, supplier technical assistance at Ford Motor Company, Mexico; Joel Gutierrez, account manager of Kymera International; and Eric Jossart, director of sales, heat treat at United Process Controls.

In addition, attendees will be able to interact personally with the lecturers to address more specific questions and troubleshooting issues. Abbott’s Symposium is ideal for brazing engineers, maintenance personnel, product designers, and anyone involved in the production of brazed components for the automotive industry.

Abbott Furnace will be hosting its Second Annual Continuous Brazing Symposium in the United States in November 2019.

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