IFHTSE website gets an update


The website of IFHTSE (www.ifhtse.org) recently has been upgraded to include the program and proceedings of many of the member conferences and IFHTSE congresses. IFHTSE is working to include many of the early conference proceedings. As you can imagine, this is a long and tedious process, as it entails finding the conference proceedings (some from 50 years ago), carefully removing the binding, and scanning each of the proceedings.

Spotlight on Member Organizations

IFHTSE is a federation of organizations not individuals. There are three groups of members: scientific or technical societies and associations, universities and registered research institutes, and companies.

In this segment, we will highlight our members. This month we highlight AAGES SA.

AAGES designs and manufactures induction heating machines for a large range of applications. AAGES, a joint stock company in Romania, has been designing and manufacturing induction heating machines for a large range of applications for more than 31 years.

AAGES was founded in 1990 by a group of engineers from the Research and Design Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICPE) Bucharest, branch Targu Mures.

The first products of the company were the static converters for induction heating applications. Partnering with a German company in the late ’90s, AAGES developed in less than one year the new family of converters with IGBT transistors, and they delivered more than 1,200 units over the years all across the globe.

The number of employees has increased steadily since 1990, reaching today more than 110 employees, many of them having an advanced professional degree and long-term experience in the field of induction heating.

Members in the News

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, FASM, vice chancellor, VIT Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh, India, has been nominated as Trustee-Elect of ASM International. In accordance with the ASM Constitution, these nominees will be elected at the ASM Annual Business Meeting on September 13, 2021.

Dr. Mudali is a distinguished scientist and chairman and chief executive of the Heavy Water Board (HWB). He is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of Heavy Water Plants and other diversification activities at Kota, Manuguru, Thal, Hazira, Baroda, Tuticorin, and Talcher. These facilities produce heavy water, organic solvents, sodium, potassium, oxygen-18, enriched boron and B4C, and deuterated solvents and compounds.

Dr. Mudali was at IGCAR, Kalpakkam, for 33 years since 1984, and was director of Materials Chemistry and Metal Fuel Cycle Group before joining HWB. Dr. Mudali is an internationally-known professional in advanced materials, coating technology, corrosion engineering, and R&D projects of reactor and reprocessing materials, processes, and equipment relevant to fast breeder reactors. He has, to his credit, 441 papers in various national and international journals, four patents, and has co-edited 17 books/proceedings. He has guided/coordinated 162 students for their UG, PG, and PhD degrees.

Massimo Pellizzari

Massimo Pellizzari, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy, was elected to serve as vice president for 2022-2023 of IFHTSE. He will serve as president of IFHTSE in 2024-2026.

His primary research activity is focused on heat treatment and surface engineering of steels, deep cryogenic treatment, properties of tool steels, special cast irons, development of powder metallurgical tool steel by ball milling, spark plasma sintering, and additive manufacturing. He speaks Italian, English, and German, and he is a member of Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia.

Calendar of events

Due to the pandemic, many conferences planned for 2021 have either been delayed or canceled. Please watch this space for updates on current conference planning.

September 5–9
6th International Conference on Steels in Cars and Trucks
Milan, Italy  ww.sct2020.com

September 8–10
4th Mediterranean Conference on HTSE
Istanbul, Turkey  chtse2020.com

September 13–16
ASM International Materials Applications & Technologies
St. Louis, MO, USA  ww.asminternational.org/web/imat

September 29–October 1
14th HTS International Exhibition and Conference
Mumbai, India  ww.htsindiaexpo.com

October 26–28
HK 2021
HK is the largest materials technology industry meeting in Europe
Cologne, Germany  ww.hk-awt.de

April 2022
12th Tooling Conference & Exhibition (Tooling 2022)
Örebro, Sweden

September 2022
27th IFHTSE Congress / European Conference on Heat Treatment
Salzburg, Austria

April 2023
5th International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering of Tools and Dies
Liangzhu Dream Town, Hangzhou, China

November 13-16, 2023
28th IFHTSE Congress
Yokohama, Japan

For details on IFHTSE events, go to www.ifhtse.org/events