Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation

Vacuum Pump and Blower Remanufacturing

MHV Remanufacture vs Refurbish: We do not simply refurbish pumps and blowers. We remanufacture them. Refurbish methods clean, stop apparent leaks, repaint and generally brighten products. Our remanufacturing consists of a thorough disassembly, inspection, cleaning, measurement, analysis, replacement and in-house machining of all out of spec parts, then a reassembly and finally the rigorous “proof testing” described below. This provides you with pumps and blowers that are “like new”, and more important, perform “like new”.

When your company’s vacuum and blower systems need attention, you want the most capable and reliable company to assist you. MHV remanufactures most OEM types/designs of vacuum pumps and blowers, including our own production HD/SD 300 and HS 430 oil-sealed rotary piston design and our reengineered Stokes style 16-inch Ring Jet Booster

MHV is an ISO certified company and our manufacturing methods provide a consistent standard of high-quality equipment and service that you can have confidence in. Your rebuild cost buys value and a no-shortcut factory specification remanufactured pump.

Here’s how we ensure you get a “like new” product:

New/Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation (MVH) provides our customer with three options to acquire vacuum pumps and blowers.     

New Products

Our new products business maintains the same quality standards that our remanufactured pumps and blowers receive. Every new pump and blower is fully tested prior to shipment, just like when we remanufacture your pumps so you can have the comfort of mind that your purchase, when installed, will perform according to specification.

We have four main types of new products:

MHV Products

These are our own range of vacuum pumps which we fully manufacture in our own factory.

Hanbell Dry Screw Pumps

We are an authorized distributor for the Hanbell dry screw pump, a leading supplier of dry screw pumps.

Other brands

We can supply you with other major manufacturers of vacuum pumps and blowers.

Fabricated systems

Need more than a vacuum pump or blower? Let us know your requirements. MVH fabricates “drop-in-place” skid mounted systems.

Remanufactured Products

We sell Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation remanufactured vacuum pumps and blowers AND ONLY Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation remanufactured vacuum pumps and blowers. When a product leaves our shelf we want you to have confidence it will be remanufactured to MVH standards and perform according to original specifications.


When you have a pump or blower failure and there is no backup, We rent pumps.


Many of our customers require regular service support for vacuum equipment at their facilities to augment their preventive maintenance efforts. Others require immediate assistance troubleshooting for performance problems that adversely affect their production or even shut their systems down. Whatever your vacuum pump needs are, our service teams are on call for these circumstances and we work with customers to implement both emergency and long-term corrective action to meet your needs.

We have call out service to get your pumps operating. In addition, we can provide contract maintenance to regularly maintain your equipment at peak efficiency throughout the year. The types of maintenance include:

  • Predictive pump maintenance
  • Preventative pump maintenance
  • Pump Inspection
  • Commissioning
“Great Service and value provided. Since having an HS-35 Diffusion pump reworked by MHV, we’ve experienced considerably better operation of the unit in our application. I would highly recommend using them.”
Ray Swinsick, Plant and Facilities Manager, SE-Kure Domes and Mirrors, Sturgis, MI