Ceramics Solutions Incorporated

Your Fiery, Fervent Supplier for Technical Ceramics.

Distributor of a wide range of materials and products supplied for the high temperature ceramic and metal processing industries.

Alumina Oxide 99 and 99.7% Mullite (dense and porous) Silicon Carbide:

  • Clay Bonded
  • Recrystallized
  • Nitride Bonded
  • Siliconized
  • Hexoloy™

Manufacturing Methods                

  • Extrusion
  • Slip Casting
  • Isostatic Pressing

Furnace Products

Rollers standard size list:

  • 15mm x 7mm – 35mm x 25mm
  • 20mm x 10mm – 38mm x 32mm
  • 25mm x 15mm – 40mm x 30mm
  • 27mm x 17mm – 42mm x 32mm
  • 30mm x 20mm – 45mm x 35mm
  • 31.8mm x 21mm – 50mm x 40mm
  • 33.7mm x 23.7mm – 55mm x 45mm
Element Support Tubes – Offering a wide
variety of wall thickness & sizes.Furnace Tubes
Feed Through Tubes
Top Hat Tubes
Immersion Tubes
SetterTemperature Measurement
Closed One End Tubes
Open Both End Tubes
Multi-Bore Thermocouple Insulators
Single Bore Tube/ Insulators
Hexoloy™ Protection Tubes


Look to Ceramic Solutions for 99.8% Alumina Labware:

99.8% Alumina Labware can be used at operating temperatures to 1800°C in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres and proves inert to hydrogen, carbon, and refractory metals in many severe situations. Additionally, the Alumina Labware product is hard fired and due to its purity, is chemical resistant. Alumina (Al2O3) has a wide application due to its versatility and low material cost. Alumina possesses a high melting point, extreme hardness, and good chemical stability, making it a good material to withstand high temperature and chemical corrosion


“Ceramic Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in customer-service driven sales and distribution of quality industrial and technical ceramics. Ceramic Solutions, Inc. combines the fire of a competitive distributor offering a wide range of quality inventory at competitive prices with the nice – an attention to customer service that is the cornerstone of Ceramic Solutions, Inc.”Bill Bolt President and Owner

Bill Bolt is the owner of Ceramic Solutions Inc. in Conroe, Texas. A dynamic hands-on leader in the ceramic industry since 1975, Bill Bolt is recognized in the industry as a resource for ceramic applications and information.  Bill is known industry-wide as a problem-solver.  He works closely with customers to match applications and materials with the best ceramic product for the job.