C3 Data

C3 is a software platform built specifically for the thermal processing industry to help ensure furnace compliance to any number of industry requirements or custom specifications. (Nadcap, AMS 2750F, CQI-9 and more). Because our software is cloud-based, any changes to regulations are automatically pushed to our customers to ensure continued compliance with the latest requirements.


Our software effectively eliminates virtually all the human-error-prone (manual) processes associated with compliance and reduces the time required to perform testing, allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on other value-added activities. Plus, training new technicians on the process is made easier with automated processes allowing employers to focus professional growth on providing the deeper understanding of why pyrometry compliance is critical for your company’s success.


Our pyrometry compliance modules for SAT, TUS, Calibrations, Alt-SAT, and our Furnace Dashboard modules provide a single place to easily and confidently manage all your Sensors, Standards, Technicians, Scheduling, Data Collection, label printing, report generation, quality approval, audit prep and more!


Our philosophy is to provide flexibility for our customers through integration with other pyrometry suppliers. We integrate with all major data logger brands allowing our customers to automatically upload data into C3’s system to produce reports. C3 Data either directly integrates with or provides OCR technology for all major brands of thermocouple companies so that your sensor information is automatically uploaded into the system with the touch of a button.  We now integrate with MES/QMS from Bluestreak allowing our joint customers to have the option of halting production on a furnace immediately after it is found to be out of compliance. We are continually developing new functionality and growing our partnerships to provide our customers the best alternatives and solutions.


At C3 Data, we are experts in pyrometry compliance. We encourage you to check out the testimonials on our website (www.c3data.com) to see what leaders in the industry are saying about C3 Data’s pyrometry compliance software modules. Furnace compliance reimagined, built, tested, and offered to meet your needs.