SXOil Lifter offers industrial parts washer detergent


SXOil Lifter LLC has developed SXOL, a high-efficiency industrial wash detergent designed to “lift” quench and cutting oils from metal parts. It resists emulsification to lift oil and provide effective skimming. No additions are necessary for the life of the bath (3-4 months, depending on thru-put volumes). It contains nontoxic, biodegradable formula that is safe for those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. No hazardous disposal is required.

SXOL is for use in all parts washers:

  • Spray wash.
  • Rotary washers.
  • Spray dunk.
  • Ultrasonic.
  • For use in heated industrial wash equipment:
  • Lifts oil and lubricants from metal parts.
  • Uses nano-invasive technology.
  • Enables efficient skimming of removed contaminants.
  • Allows user to recycle oil and lubricants.
  • No hazardous disposal issues.
  • Simple pH concentration test.

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