Solar vacuum heat treats longest nickel alloy tubes

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA successfully vacuum heat treated 45-foot-long seamless nickel alloy tubing. (Courtesy: Solar Atmospheres of Western PA)

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA successfully vacuum heat-treated the largest and longest load of nickel alloy tubing ever in a commercial vacuum furnace.

The mission was to preserve the crucial elements of brightness and cleanliness of the 45-foot-long seamless tubing while meeting extremely stringent mechanical properties.

“We spent countless hours reviewing critical systems such as triplicate pumping systems and redundant hot zone controls for any unforeseeable event that might arise during the 100+ hour run. We are also fortunate that we can rely on our furnace manufacturing division, Solar Manufacturing, for guidance should any issue arise. This successful run will ignite a production campaign for the next five years, once again boosting confidence that this 48-foot vacuum furnace will surpass our customers’ expectations,” said Michael Johnson, sales director.