Service Heat Treating expands footprint, adds capacity


Service Heat Treating, a leading Midwest heat treater, completed a multi-year plant expansion.

“We added almost 40,000 square feet, effectively doubling our space,” said Paul Armitage, president of Service Heat Treating. “This allowed us to add heat-treating capacity with another batch furnace and four new nitride furnaces.”

In response to high customer demand, Service Heat Treating launched a multi-year expansion plan. After purchasing a building next door, there were some delays due to the pandemic. Now all goals have been achieved — increased heat-treating capacity, improved work flow in the shop area with two additional docks, and efficient office and training spaces.

“Customers rely on us. We look forward to continuing to offer our trademark high level of service,” Armitage said. “Business is growing, and we are already thinking about the next round of upgrades.”