Seco/Warwick delivers additional CAB lines for Souzhou Retek

Souzhou Retek purchased the first CAB line for large battery coolers from Seco/Warwick China in 2021. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

Seco/Warwick, a global leader in CAB technology, continues work in the Chinese market. This year, the number of orders for brazing equipment in a protective atmosphere has been growing exponentially.

Seco/Warwick’s local production facility responds to the growing needs, which results in faster deliveries for CAB lines to the Asian market. The next two lines bearing the Seco/Warwick brand will go to the Souzhou Retek Chinese plants. These new lines for brazing in a protective atmosphere, intended for the production of oversized battery coolers, will join the machine park where the first Seco/Warwick CAB line has been operating since last year. The order is the result of the Retek management board noticing the market perspective and dynamic development of the electric vehicle industry. Thanks to the electromobility boom, car batteries intended for electric vehicles, like other parts dedicated to these vehicles, have recorded unflagging production growth.

Retek purchased the first CAB line for large battery coolers from Seco/Warwick China in 2021.

“It was successful cooperation,” said Liu Yedong, managing director, Seco/Warwick China. “As in the case of the previous implementation, the entire process, from ordering to finalization, was carried out in partnership. It was the cooperation and the technology that made the Retek management board come back to us and place an order for two more twin lines. As a result, the customer will be able to fulfill orders for the production of oversized battery coolers from global manufacturers. I believe that these CAB lines are milestones in our Partner’s development. It’s an honor to be part of this process.”

“Our lines for aluminum brazing in a protective atmosphere are perfect for the production of electric vehicle parts, such as battery coolers,” said Piotr Skarbiński, vice president of the Aluminum and CAB products segment at Seco/Warwick. “Retek is another company on the Chinese market that trusted us again and placed this most recent order for the CAB lines. It makes us happy and confirms that we are the first-choice supplier in this sector.”

The lines ordered by Retek consist of two furnaces, each fitted with a 1900-mm wide conveyor belt. The two continuous CAB lines include radiation pre-heating chambers, radiation brazing furnaces, air jacket cooling chambers, final cooling chambers and a control system. The CAB lines will be used for large-size car battery cooler brazing.