Rosswag Engineering adds third SLM®280 melting machine

Selective Laser Melting Machine SLM®280 of Rosswag. (Courtesy: SLM Solutions)

Rosswag Engineering has announced the acquisition of its third selective laser melting system from SLM Solutions. The third SLM®280 machine delivered to its facility in Pfinztal, Germany, expands production and development capabilities with the metal additive manufacturing technology.

A division of Rosswag GmbH, one of the world’s leading providers of open die-forged products with nearly 120 years of experience in the manufacturing of 400 different metal alloys, the company has built decades of know-how in material science and combines its production expertise on SLM® machines with a complete in-house process chain from metal powder production, design, process simulation, and printing to CNC post-processing and heat treatment as well as metallurgical testing and quality control.

As a strategic partner of SLM Solutions in the advancement of the selective laser melting technology, Rosswag Engineering also qualifies new alloy powders and parameters by combining the capabilities of its simulation software package, powder atomizer, and three SLM®280 machines. With the ability to quickly produce special metal powders, simulate build results, print tests using SLM’s material development module, then post-process and inspect builds in-house, the time to market cycle for new materials is reduced from months to weeks.

Using the Material Development Module from SLM Solutions, Rosswag duplicates part positioning and uses rule-based parameter variation for an automated and systematic analysis of parameter sets. After completing the qualification process, comprehensive data for production, including metal powder characteristics, process parameters, mechanical values, and chemical and metallurgical material properties are available.

“At Rosswag Engineering, our goal isn’t only to provide our customers with quality products built on metal additive manufacturing machines, rather to help the technology gain acceptance and expand,” said Gregor Graf, Head of Engineering at Rosswag. “By adding a third selective laser-melting system we are able to increase our production capacities and gain more flexibility for demanding material and part qualification processes.”

Hendrik Schonefeld, head of sales EMEA at SLM Solutions, said, “Our partnership with Rosswag allows us to help customers develop small-batch and exotic alloys to meet their unique needs. SLM Solutions is focused on production applications, and our machines reflect this, however many customers need quick parameter development to prove their process before they get to that step, and the experts at Rosswag allow us to meet their needs as well, creating a full-service selective laser melting partnership for all types of customers.”

So successful is the process developed by the experts at Rosswag that the company was recently the first company certified as metal powder manufacturer by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH through their audit based on the AD 2000 Code for pressure equipment and the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).