Richard Geiss GmbH puts focus on solvent monitoring and care

The solvents are recovered in Richard Geiss GmbH’s distillation systems, with distillates achieving 100% of the original product’s quality. (Courtesy: Richard Geiss GmbH)

No fewer than three new products will be presented by Richard Geiss GmbH, Offingen (Bavaria), at the parts2clean 2019 trade fair October 22-24 in Stuttgart: the newly developed Cleanstab S stabiliser, the GEISS Digital Indexer and the RG PROTECT 160 corrosion protection concentrate. In addition to its latest innovations, the solvent specialist will also be showcasing established products for solvent monitoring and care as well as its high-purity solvents and contract degreasing services at the leading international trade fair for parts and surface cleaning (hall 7, stand C52).

“I’m absolutely delighted that we will be presenting as many as three new products at this year’s parts2clean”, said Bastian Geiss, CEO of Richard Geiss GmbH. “Industrial parts and surface cleaning face many challenges as almost all sectors require ever-higher levels of cleanliness for components. To meet this demand, we offer not only high-end solvents, but also full-package solutions for a safe and stable cleaning process.”

The absolute highlight of the trade fair is the newly developed Cleanstab S stabilizer for modified alcohols. With this product, Richard Geiss GmbH offers a sump stabilizer that stops acid formation in the cleaning system and reduces any acid that has already formed. This prevents acidification or even self-decomposition of the solvent used and significantly increases the durability of modified alcohols. The Cleanstab S thereby prevents corrosive damage and surface oxidation. The requirements are analysed and determined individually for every system and every customer in the Geiss laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Offingen.

Another new product featured at the parts2clean is the RG PROTECT 160 corrosion protection concentrate, which can be used in perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon solvents, and in modified alcohols.

“We have developed the RG PROTECT 160 specifically for companies in industrial parts and surface cleaning that need to conserve very large numbers of parts and require extended corrosion protection,” said Dieter Ortner, sales manager surface cleaning at Richard Geiss GmbH. “RG PROTECT 160 has an even higher concentration than our established RG PROTECT 180, enabling companies to save not only corrosion protection concentrate, but ultimately also money.”

Reliable contract degreasing for small parts and components. (Courtesy: Richard Geiss GmbH)

The third new product, the GEISS Digital Indexer for modified alcohols and hydrocarbons, rounds off the corrosion protection package. It determines the concentration of corrosion protection oils in the solvent bath, allowing companies to efficiently monitor whether their parts are sufficiently conserved for later storage.

“The GEISS Digital Indexer is basically the counterpart to our GEISS PER Density Test for perchloroethylene, which was already unveiled in 2017 at the parts2clean and received an excellent response,” said CEO Bastian Geiss.

Besides the new and established products for solvent monitoring and care, Richard Geiss GmbH’s high-purity distillates will, of course, also be showcased in Stuttgart. The globally operating recycling company specializes in the processing of solvents and their return into a functioning circulation system. The distillates achieve 100 percent of the original product’s quality while saving up to 90 percent in carbon emissions.

Contract degreasing, first introduced as a major feature at parts2clean 2017, is another key topic. Given the growing demand for professional contract degreasing, the solvent specialist has since launched an additional parts cleaning system, consistently expanding its range of high-end degreasing services. At the company’s headquarters in Offingen, Richard Geiss GmbH offers reliable contract degreasing for small parts and components up to 1,200 mm x 800 mm x 970 mm.

Richard Geiss GmbH, headquartered in Offingen in the Günzburg district, is one of Europe’s leading specialists for recovered solvents. The company supplies solvents for industrial surface cleaning and textile cleaning as well as for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.