Perryman Company commissions Retech Systems for new titanium melting equipment

Perryman is a leading global supplier of titanium to the aerospace, medical, consumer and other industries. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

Perryman Company has fully commissioned new titanium melting equipment from Retech Systems LLC, a Seco/Warwick Company.

Perryman is a leading global supplier of titanium to the aerospace, medical, consumer, and other industries.

Since the company’s inception, Perryman’s mission has been to “…do it better, do it smarter, and make innovation a function of how you work with customers and as a manufacturer.” Jim Perryman, COO of Perryman said, “We have worked with Retech previously and were pleased with the partnership and results. As we looked forward to our most recent expansion, we met with the Retech team numerous times and challenged them to innovate and develop a system that included the best technology. After careful review, we decided to select Retech for this important project. We are very satisfied with all aspects of the outcome. The systems were delivered on-time and started up without issues. We were able to move from startup to production immediately after the installation was complete.”

Earl Good, president of Retech, said, “Every customer’s individual project is extremely important to them and their business’ future. Therefore, it is important that we focus our efforts on meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We appreciate that Perryman entrusted us to meet their needs. Each project provides an opportunity to demonstrate to our customers and the market as a whole, that Retech and SECO/ Warwick have grown together and are confident that we continue to supply high-quality vacuum melting equipment.”

This project was unique in that Retech was able to capitalize on the global manufacturing capabilities provided to it as part of the Seco/Warwick Group. The system production was managed by the U.S. team. Given the size and scale of these systems, the successful design, manufacture, installation and on time delivery of the equipment along with the production objectives was a significant achievement by all involved.