Optris IR Sensing LLC makes general management change

Tom Scanlon

Beginning 2023, Optris IR Sensing LLC marked a new chapter in the evolution of the business in the United States as Paul Czerepuszko became president and general manager, replacing Thomas J. Scanlon. Scanlon will continue in the role of senior advisor, leveraging his many years of infrared expertise and management experience.

Scanlon has had a long career in the infrared industry. After 33 years as a successful and experienced sales manager and vice president at FLIR Systems, he established the U.S.-based Optris IR Sensing in partnership with Optris GMBH in 2017. In just over five years, Scanlon developed many successful distribution channels establishing Optris as a major supplier of infrared sensors and IR cameras in the U.S. and Canada.

Paul Czerepuszko

Czerepuszko’s focus for the company is to work with the existing team to continue market share expansion and Optris brand recognition in the U.S. and Canada. He is a strong believer in the culture of customer and channel partner support and will make this a priority as he further grows the Optris team in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, office.

His background qualifies him for his new role as president and general. For most of his 25-year tenure at FLIR Systems, Czerepuszko was fully immersed in developing the automation markets for FLIR’s line of infrared cameras.

“Paul can be credited in large part for beginning the adoption of IR cameras for process control and automation applications in the U.S. and his success formula combined application expertise and belief in strong partnerships with distributors and integrators,” Scanlon said.

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