Light-weighting automotive suspension component manufacturer expands production


Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited was recently awarded a contract from a leading North American manufacturer of forged aluminum suspension components. This project reflects a long list of recent projects involving automotive light weighting initiates where Can-Eng technologies have been favored in delivering the lowest cost of ownership per unit of production.

Automotive manufacturers continue to pressure supply partners in developing systems and components that deliver weight reduction benefits yielding reduced vehicle fuel consumption. The furnace system will be integrated into a completely automated forging cell expansion, with a sophisticated controls and part-tracking system, for heating aluminum billets prior to forging of automotive suspension components.

Can-Eng’s patented rotary hearth furnace technology was utilized in this application as it provided optimal part handling and temperature profile parameter flexibility within the smallest manufacturing floor space. Can-Eng’s Rotary Furnace Systems continues to replace conventional in-line continuous belt style heating systems as they offer superior footprint, energy consumption and maintenance requirement benefits.