Kuźnia Jawor elevates forging expertise with Nitrex

Kuźnia Jawor S.A. installed a Nitrex horizontal-loading system, featuring the furnace model NXH-9912, a custom solution designed to facilitate the seamless automatic transfers of loads between operations. (Courtesy: Nitrex)

Kuźnia Jawor S.A., a European company specializing in the production of hot forged and CNC machined components for the automotive, machinery, mining, and piping industries, has enhanced its manufacturing capabilities through a substantial plant modernization. Located in the southwestern region of Poland, Kuźnia Jawor has solidified its position as a leading provider of forged and CNC automotive parts within Poland, as well as mining parts in international markets such as Czechia and Tűrkiye.

Kuźnia Jawor leverages its in-house capabilities to design and manufacture forging tools, a crucial element of the production process. This is necessary for obtaining repeatable strength parameters in steel and ensuring their resistance to geometric changes or abrasive wear, factors that are addressed through heat treatment. Building on this foundation, the company recently revamped its heat-treating operations by introducing cutting-edge equipment and technologies, aiming to streamline operations for improved efficiency and to elevate the quality of its forged and machined products. The investment encompassed the replacement of the entire production line, based on an oil-hardening furnace and two outdated nitriding furnaces. The decision to upgrade was prompted by the need to eliminate archaic technology, address inadequate controls, and ensure that the company remains at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the forging industry. The current production line has been designed using a Nitrex nitriding system and a vacuum hardening furnace.

The company’s forging and CNC processes are marked by meticulous precision, with dies initially undergoing treatment in the vacuum furnace before proceeding to the nitriding phase. This multi-step approach is essential for achieving a zero-white layer, effectively preventing surface cracking in the H11, H13, and WNL hot work steel dies subjected to high-pressure hammer forging. A crucial part of this initiative was the installation of a new Nitrex horizontal-loading system, featuring the furnace model NXH-9912, a custom solution designed to facilitate the seamless automatic transfers of loads between operations.

The turnkey system is equipped with Nitreg® nitriding technology, which significantly enhances the wear and corrosion resistance of treated tooling. This innovative technology not only improves die durability and performance but also facilitates efficiency gains, leading to savings in process time and resources, including electricity and process gases. Furthermore, the system adheres to industry standard 2759/10 controlled nitriding, ensuring the highest quality and precision in the heat-treating process. Interestingly, Kuźnia Jawor is also engaged in an ongoing collaborative research and development project with a local university, exploring hybrid coatings that combine Nitreg nitriding technology with PVD and CVD processes, with the aim of further enhancing tool performance.

Kuźnia Jawor’s core values prioritize a sustainable future, and this strategic investment seamlessly aligns with its mission to protect the natural environment. This enables them to actively reduce CO emissions, decrease energy consumption, and more. This holistic approach harmonizes operations with Kuźnia Jawor sustainability objectives, making it an optimal fit for their business.

“Kuźnia Jawor’s choice to partner with Nitrex was driven by the need to replace outdated equipment, modernize, and expand their production facility,” said Marcin Stoklosa, Nitrex technical sales manager who oversaw the project. “The result? Improved quality, enhanced performance, and a stronger position in the forging industry. Nitrex’s extensive experience and track record of success in delivering the right technology for forging dies, along with our proven history of over 30 installations in Poland, played a pivotal role in securing the partnership.”

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