Global tool maker buys another furnace from Seco/Warwick

Vector® is Seco/Warwick’s most versatile vacuum furnace, a single-chamber HPGQ horizontal configuration loaded with capabilities. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

An international concern with branches in 40 countries producing cutting tools, among other things, ordered another solution from Seco/Warwick.

Vector® is Seco/Warwick’s most versatile vacuum furnace, a single-chamber HPGQ horizontal configuration loaded with capabilities. It’s been designed and created based on a long and close cooperation with partners across a number of industries and all over the world. Their needs and problems became a challenge which lead to Vector’s invention. Seco/Warwick creates individual products that provide customers with reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy, and ensure the economic efficiency of their businesses.

Maciej Korecki, VP, Vacuum Furnace Segment at Seco/Warwick said, “Precision, high uniformity in heat-treated parts, high consistency in workloads, and high speeds in batch processing along with low energy and gas consumption make our product most desirable solution on the market. Often, our clients demand just one thing — for instance, high uniformity in heat-treated parts which solves problems of distortions they experience using different technology. All the other features come as a surprise and an added value.”

With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, Seco/Warwick’s high-pressure quench furnaces have a proven record of high-performance technology.

The horizontal, front-loading furnace is purpose-built to accommodate the customer’s needs with an all-metal hot zone for clean vacuum processing. As with the earlier furnaces, one of which was installed at a different facility, the new furnace includes a convection fan and a pressurized gas quench for quick cooling.

Piotr Zawistowski, president, Seco/Vacuum, said, “This third repeat order is a testament to SVT’s on-time delivery and the performance of our Vector vacuum furnace to meet all promised parameters, including producing clean finished parts, all as promised.”

Vector high-pressure gas quenching furnaces are an ideal solution for machine tool manufacturers. It is available with curved graphite elements or an all-metal hot zone and can be used for most standard hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat-treating, brazing, and sintering applications.

Vector’s versatility is extended further with additional features.

It can be furnished with Seco/Warwick’s optional patented vacuum-carburizing technologies (FineCarb®) and prenitriding (PreNit®) and the SimVac® process simulation package at no additional cost.