Esco pipe alignment tool sets up quickly, easily for welding


Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts, has introduced a new welding joint-alignment fixture that is easier to use than a welding vise to align pipe or tube for tack welding, and create high-integrity welds.

The Esco Hog Tie® boiler tube weld alignment clamp consists of one side with two through-holes, and a matching side with threaded inserts which accept two bolts that draw them together. Easy to set up and use, this clamp aligns the pipe or tube perfectly and exposes the ends for tack welding before removal in order to complete the entire joint weld.

The Esco Hog Tie boiler tube weld alignment clamp is offered in eleven sizes for pipe and tube from 1.125” to 3.25” O.D. It is made of precision-machined, high-strength steel. This pipe alignment tool is available by itself or as a kit with an impact wrench and socket, four 0.5” bolts, two spare through-hole inserts, two spare threaded inserts, and a metal carrying case.