Allied Mineral announces exclusive Japan distributor 


Allied Mineral Products announced Shinagawa Refractories as its exclusive distributor of monolithic refractory technology for the aluminum market in Japan.

Shinagawa and Allied have a long-standing relationship. In 2005, Allied licensed its monolithic refractory technology to Shinagawa in Unanderra, Australia.

Shinagawa is a global leader in high-quality refractories, supporting vital social infrastructure for 145 years with superior values and optimal solutions for virtually every essential industry. Shinagawa values a close relationship with customers and promises the highest and most consistent performances. By doing so, Shinagawa responds to the needs of its customers in essential industries with speed and competitiveness in cost and performance.

Shinagawa believes the key to its future is “proximity” — meaning nearness in space, time, and relation. Proximity could be translated as physical or geographical closeness and availability in the same time zone, with a secure relationship built on trust. 

Since 1961, Allied Mineral Products has become a leading global producer of monolithic refractories and precast shapes. Allied’s innovative product solutions are backed by world-class research and engineering teams. 

With 12 manufacturing and three research and development facilities, Allied’s unique product testing, design engineering capabilities, and new product development programs allow Allied to meet the unique needs of each customer. Allied’s strong sales force drives the company’s commitment to “being there” with product availability and service and support. 

With a combined expert knowledge of the local Japanese market and world-class monolithic refractory technology for the aluminum market, Shinagawa and Allied Mineral Products have the capability to provide value-added solutions and unmatched service to the Japanese aluminum industry.