Allied acquires WAM® AL II product line for aluminum production


Allied Mineral Products, LLC., a global refractory manufacturer, has purchased the intellectual property rights to a collection of industry-leading products for the aluminum industry previously owned by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, Inc. 

The WAM® AL II line of patented products is internationally known for energy savings and resistance to corundum formation for aluminum producers. Allied will manufacture these products in their facilities in the United States, Europe, India, Russia, China, South Africa, Chile, and Brazil. 

Allied will market its new products under existing trade names, such as WAM Al II castables. These products have excellent non-wetting properties which will complement Allied’s existing product technology by helping increase refractory lining life and reducing maintenance costs. 

“The acquisition of the WAM AL II line of products complements ongoing initiatives at Allied in the aluminum market and the unique characteristics provide outstanding value to aluminum customers,” said Paul Jamieson, president of Allied Mineral Products. “We are excited to begin manufacturing and marketing these innovative products, which build out an existing line of installer-friendly products that will further enhance the refractory solutions we offer to our customers worldwide.”  

“Westmoreland Advanced Materials Inc. is excited to be able to provide the WAM AL II technology to Allied. This provides a larger and more robust means of putting this unique technology in the hands of aluminum processors and producers on a global scale.” said Dr. Ken McGowan, president of Westmoreland Advanced Materials, Inc. “It also allows Westmoreland to focus on providing optimized engineering, installation, and design solutions to OEMs and end users, as well as focusing on the development of new technologies for material and chemical containment in high temperature environments.”