Nippon Carbon of America LLC

Nippon Carbon, since its establishment in 1915, has developed a variety of products manufactured of specialized carbon.

Our carbon fiber products are used in aerospace technology and general industry. We also provide High Purity Treatment Graphite to produce crystalline silicon, and Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries. We manufacture Silicon Carbide Continuous Fibers for the aerospace industry, impervious graphite and chemicals used for chemical industrial devices and equipment such as heat exchangers, flexible graphite for the automobile industry, and other carbon products.

With the advantage of carbon’s excellent features of self-lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance, Carbon Products for Mechanical Components are used in various fields of science such as electronics, machinery and the metallurgy industry.

Impervious graphite RESBON ® is a superior corrosion-resistant material that is produced by the impregnation of resins into artificial graphite. Since the product first went on sale in 1949, we have delivered more than 6000 shells for tube-type heat exchangers and achieved a high evaluation. We also design and manufacture corrosion-resistant facilities.