Metals Engineering

Metals Engineering is a commercial heat treater founded in 1967 with facilities in De Pere and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our consistent investments into new technology and updated ISO certification solidifies our position as a trusted service partner for some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands.

We offer these services and more:

Stress Relieving

The stress relieving process calms down steel or iron at the molecular level by removing internal stresses generated by previous manufacturing processes such as machining or welding. We heat the material uniformly to an appropriate temperature, and then slowly cool it to minimize the development of any new stress.

Induction Hardening

This form of metal hardening involves inducing electrical current to the material. Our ability to capture and record data for each item run through the system makes this a more consistent method than other types of heating.


The carbonitriding technique creates a wear-resistant layer on the surface of a material by increasing its surface hardness. We heat the part well into the austenitic range to encourage a phase change, and then add carbon and nitrogen atoms to seal the deal.


As the name implies, the introduction of carbon-rich gases during the heating process is the primary characteristic of the carburizing technique. The goal of carburizing is to create a harder surface (up to .060” or deeper, depending on the type of steel) that is more resistant to wear while maintaining the existing core strength of the material.

Cryogenic Treatments

The cryogenic treatment process uses super-cold liquid nitrogen to cool materials to a frigid -300 degrees F. This technique removes residual stresses and improves wear resistance for various types of steel by increasing hardness and strength.


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