Induction Tooling, Inc.

Induction Tooling, Inc. began as an idea in 1975. William Stuehr, now President and CEO of the Corporation was working as a process design engineer with a local heat treating company. Several customers requested and solicited tooling specific to their internal heat treat needs. Bill’s boss rejected the idea to build tooling: hence, a ready made business was in the waiting. Bill started his company in his parents’ garage. In 1979 he moved the business to a small rented facility in North Royalton, Ohio. By 1984 with 10 employees, Bill purchased a building down the street. In 1994, the space was doubled to 14,000 square feet. In 2004 Bill purchased 5 acres in Phase II of the North Royalton Industrial Park. On April 7, 2005, Bill along with his 27 employees celebrated the groundbreaking of a modern 25,000 square foot facility which was completed in October 2005.

Since 1976, Induction Tooling, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high-quality tooling for the induction heat treat industry. We specialize in selective hardening quick change inductors for automotive, aerospace, medical, agricultural, and metal industries.

Induction Tooling, Inc. is recognized world-wide as the premier manufacturer of tooling for induction hardening. Our excellent reputation is the result of building high quality inductors, bus bars, quick change adapters, and other products with integrity, honesty, safety, quality, and a commitment to excellence.

At Induction Tooling, Inc. we build upon our vast experience. Our design approach is unique for each and every project in that we closely analyze and continually improve the quality, performance, and durability of our products. We develop and use the latest in computer technology to validate our designs. This includes FEA computer modeling, CAD/CAM software tools, including 2D and 3D design, surface and solid modeling and 2-through 5-axis CNC machining applications. These tools along with controlled documentation assure repeatable designs to the closest tolerances in the industry.

Induction Tooling, Inc. can design and build material handling equipment to optimize production of your induction hardening process. We offer part holding fixtures, lift and rotate devices, index tables, vertical scanners and custom solutions. Let us design the perfect solution for your project.

Our new state-of-the-art 25,000 square-foot facility is located in the York Alpha Industrial Park in beautiful North Royalton, Ohio. We are within 5 miles of routes: I-80 (Ohio Turnpike), I-77, I-480, and I-71. We are 20 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, 25 minutes from downtown Cleveland, and 30 minutes from Akron.

Did you know that one of our specialties is tooth-by-tooth gear hardening? We design, build and validate the process in our laboratory including a full metallurgical evaluation.

Since opening our doors in 1976, Induction Tooling, Inc. has evolved into the premier manufacturer of selective hardening inductors, bus bars, quenches and modular quick disconnect induction products.  We supply the commercial and captive heat treat industry, automotive, aerospace, mining, wind energy, agricultural, medical and large equipment manufacturers.  We specialize in bearings, gears and drive-line components.

Our decades of experience and diverse expertise make us a trusted resource.  Now we have expanded that expertise into induction process development with a fully equipped commercial metallurgical laboratory that is ISO 17025 certified.

Our development laboratory is a valuable extension of our services allowing us the ability to not only design and fabricate high quality heat treating inductors, but also to characterize them on-site.  The Metallurgical Laboratory will record process parameters for production and formally validate the results in a format that can be submitted directly to the end customer.  We recognize a significant reduction in the time required to get the inductors from design into production.  Additionally, ITI will provide testing services to the general heat treating industry. 

In summary, we offer the following services:

• design, build and repair of selective hardening quick change inductors
• reverse design, document, build and repair of inductor tooling
• controlled documentation, ISO 9001 compliancy
• OEM consulting, referral and tooling integration
• material-handling equipment design and manufacture
• laboratory prototype testing
• metallurgical evaluation  

We can take care of all induction services “under one roof” to better serve our customers. 

 Engineering Sales:

David Lynch, Vice President, Engineering

Lisa Drabish, Office Manager

John Gadus, Engineering Group

Michael Ziebert, Engineering Group