ALD Thermal Treatment Inc.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s ALD Vacuum Technologies, a member of the Engineering Services Group of AMG NV – a global leader in the production of specialty metals and metallurgical vacuum furnace systems. ALD Thermal Treatment provides their metallurgical and technological expertise through the offering of  contract heat treat services to a broad cross section of markets.

ALD Thermal Treatment was formed to demonstrate the value of its distinctive technology on conventional heat treat processes. Their signature process: vacuum carburizing (LPC) with high pressure gas quench (HPGQ) have revolutionized the processing of gear components providing superb metallurgical characteristics with minimal distortion. Other conventional processes are also available on the same vacuum equipment.

What makes ALD Thermal Treatment unique, is that it blends their high technology equipment offerings into highly productive work cells. Our process technology provides pin point accuracy in control of the HPGQ (volume of gas and pressure) to achieve the right balance in structure and hardness. Since no oils are used in the process, high tech fixturing can be used to keep objects flat during processing – a unique advantage to conventional processing. It can easily cross over from forged product to powdered metal components producing excellent results

ALD Thermal Treatment has grown through the adoption of its technology in valuable markets with high volume applications. Today the technology is properly positioned to assist all precision made components where metallurgy and dimensional control are valued. These services are available on a contract basis at its four global service centers in Germany, Michigan, South Carolina and Mexico.

ALD Vacuum Technologies also supplies this equipment technology throughout the world. In North America a joint venture was formed with ALD-Holcroft for this equipment.