SGL Group Introduces New Silicon Carbide Ceramics


SGL Group – The Carbon Company – introduces two new silicon carbide materials, Sigrasic® Performance and Carboprint® Si. In industrial heat treatment applications, Sigrasic® Performance is used for charging elements and systems.

The carbon-fiber reinforced silicon carbide ceramic (C/SiC) Sigrasic® Performance is pending patent approval and is produced from the carbon fiber reinforced carbon (CFC) material Sigrabond® Performance by means of a special infiltration process. With its high fiber content and low porosity, this material combines the benefits of ceramic with the favorable characteristics of carbon fiber material. The ceramic matrix protects the carbon fiber from corrosive attacks without negatively influencing the excellent mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced carbon. With this new product, SGL Group is reacting to the rising demand for a material for charging systems that offers unchanged excellent properties when exposed to a gas flame up to 500°C in heat treatment processes in pusher-through hardening furnaces with pre-oxidation.

Carboprint Si is a development project of SGL Group making the most of the opportunities of additive manufacturing technologies for solutions made from carbon ceramic composites. Here, the basic structure made of carbon is established in a 3D printing process. Complex component geometries, like optimum efficiency ventilators for heat treatment furnaces, can therefore be realized without machining. By infiltrating the printed component with silicon, a carbon reinforced silicon carbide ceramic is created, which offers a high ductility in combination with resistance against corrosive atmospheres and a high abrasion resistance.

“Innovative, high-grade specialty graphite solutions are essential for building high-performance, high-temperature furnaces,” said Manfred Golling, senior application manager for Industrial Applications at SGL Group. “Our products prove themselves with their outstanding thermal stability, high mechanical strength, as well as good thermal and electrical conductivity. With this newly developed silicon carbide ceramics solutions we are expanding our product range with efficient and highly reliable solutions.”

The continuous adaption and improvement of SGL Group’s versatile customer-orientated specialty graphite solutions is part of the company’s path forward to foster megatrends like mobility, energy supply, and digitalization.