Seco/Warwick chosen for medical precision brazing

Seco/Warwick equipment belonging to the Vector range has been proven in brazing processes used in the mass production of simple components. (Courtesy: Seco/Warwick)

Seco/Warwick is scheduled to deliver a Vector® vacuum furnace to a manufacturer of precision medical devices including X-ray and radiotherapy equipment.

The Vector furnace on order will be used in the manufacture of components for devices used in demanding industrial applications such as the production of medical equipment. The flagship Seco/Warwick product will be intended for annealing and brazing processes.

The high-tech medical industry is one of the most demanding industries in terms of standards, procedures, and process parameters to be met by the equipment involved in the production process. Medical equipment components (e.g., RF components, X-ray tube components, ceramic components) are precision manufactured to the highest quality standards. This is because these components are used for processes that are decisive not only for the quality of treatment, but also for human life. Therefore, when selecting devices for their hardening plants, medical equipment manufacturers are guided first and foremost by quality and reliability.

“The Vector ordered by our partner is a standard and very popular solution. It has proven performance in many fields in precision industries such as aviation, automotive, and medical branches. We are selling many devices for brazing processes that are used for industrial production,” said Maciej Korecki, vice president, vacuum furnace segment, Seco/Warwick Group. “This time, our partner is an expert when it comes to brazing complex components that require high precision. I am very glad that having such extensive experience in the industry, and having operated competitive equipment, after detailed analysis, our partner selected our product. This proves our partner’s trust that we shall never fail. We should remember that every day Vector furnaces are being operated in 70 countries over five continents.”

Among the many types of equipment in the Seco/Warwick Group portfolio, Vector is the most versatile vacuum furnace. Vector can be used in a multitude of processes, including quenching, tempering, annealing, brazing, and sintering. Its characteristic feature includes low energy and process gas consumption while maintaining high performance. This most-popular solution of the vacuum division has already been delivered to manufacturers of landing gears, tools, aluminum extrusion dies, and even dental implants. This time it will be added to the French plant, where components for radiotherapy equipment are manufactured.

The vacuum furnace on order enables the efficient heat treatment of many components. A characteristic feature of this design is the high-vacuum system based on a diffusion pump that creates perfect brazing conditions.

“The furnace which was ordered solves the problem associated with production capacity. Large working dimensions combined with a graphite chamber will provide us with great performance. However, this is most important: The Vector is a very precise piece of equipment in which hundreds of companies around the world have placed their trust. The brazing process will include components for systems for targeted radiotherapy. We could say that the Seco/Warwick furnace will help to save human lives,” Korecki said.

Seco/Warwick equipment belonging to the Vector range has been proven in brazing processes used in the mass production of simple components. It is also perfect for brazing and annealing in high-tech industries focused on small, precision components, where the production process itself involves many variations associated with the selection of materials.