Kentucky Machine & Engineering upgrades to Lucifer furnace

Kentucky Machine & Engineering will use the new Lucifer Furnaces Red Devil furnace to shorten lead times on parts fabricated for customers. (Courtesy: Lucifer Furnaces)

Kentucky Machine & Engineering chose a Lucifer Furnaces Red Devil dual chamber furnace-over-oven when it was looking to replace an old gas-fired furnace.

As a machine repair business in Cadiz, Kentucky, it needed a reliable, economical, and well-built unit. With both chambers 12” H x 14” W x24” L, the upper chamber is programmed to heat to 2,200°F while the lower oven reaches 1,200°F. Dual chamber furnaces allow a user to harden in the upper chamber then temper/draw in the lower convection oven. Both chambers are lined with 4.5-inch multilayer lightweight firebrick insulation and mineral wool backup precision dry-fit to allow for thermal expansion while minimizing heat loss. Easy-to-replace heating elements simplify maintenance.

Kentucky Machine & Engineering will use the furnace to shorten lead times on parts fabricated for their customers.

“By not having to outsource this piece of the process, the increased size capability and the addition of the draw oven feature saves us a lot of extra time without having to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule,” said CFO Amy Kuberski. “We were so pleased with the ease of installation to first use! Furnace was ready to go.”

Kentucky Machine & Engineering, Inc. has served the steel, aluminum, automotive, and heavy equipment industries since 1971. From large machine repair or building new to quality fixtures, they strive to make customers’ downtime as minimal as possible.