GalvanoTechnik expands surface treatment portfolio


Family-owned heat-treatment company GalvanoTechnik in Lombardy, Italy, has expanded its surface treatment services portfolio to include Nitreg® controlled nitriding, Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing, and ONC® in-process oxidation treatments. The company invested in a compact Nitrex system model, NXK-609, configured to process 23.5” diameter by 35.5” high (600mm by 900mm) workloads that weigh up to 1,300 lbs (600 kg). The system complies with the temperature uniformity requirements of AMS 2750E, in addition to meeting specifications ASM 2759/10, which make it possible to consistently achieve the required metallurgical and mechanical properties for controlled nitriding. Other advantages of the NXK series include a reduced footprint and a system configuration that combines three process technologies into one platform.

The move to add nitriding and nitrocarburizing to its portfolio was the result of GalvanoTechnik engaging in deeper dialogue with its customers and identifying these new needs. Six months after the successful installation and start-up of the Nitrex system, the company is now supporting customers in the defense and automotive industries with the full benefit of the Nitreg brand technologies to solve unique challenges related to wear and corrosion resistance as well as aesthetic surface finishes. Applications range from firearms components, such as magazines and barrels, to automotive components, with recipes tailored to meet the exact requirements of each part. Working with GalvanoTechnik, the Nitrex research and technology team designed and tested process recipes to find the right match. All control recipes are stored to the Nitrex system process library, and the operator simply selects the process for the specific application. The control system then takes over, automatically monitoring and adjusting parameters such as time, temperature, atmosphere composition, Kn nitriding potential, and many more.

Nitrex Metal is a worldwide partner offering modern nitriding/nitrocarburizing technologies, solutions, equipment, and services. Nitreg potential-controlled gas nitriding and Nitreg-C potential-controlled gas nitrocarburizing (ferritic nitrocarburizing-FNC) technologies are applied in the precision parts, automotive, aluminium extrusion, defense, gears, tool and die, plastics, machinery, and other industries.