Cook Induction, Super Systems team up for heat treatment


Cook Induction, Los Angeles, California, began in 1945 and continuously explores ways to improve its customer experience and capabilities. This has grown into today’s Nadcap-approved facility offering both heat treating (including induction case hardening, localized hardening, localized annealing/stress relieving, heat treatment of BeCu, localized annealing of BeCu, and hydrogen annealing and tempering) and brazing and soldering services (including silver, copper, nickel, and precious metals, induction, torch and furnace brazing, and atmosphere induction brazing).

In 2020, Troy Doolittle, quality manager, decided the next step in Cook’s evolution was partnering with Super Systems (SSi) to implement a fully electronic SCADA package. “Having the ability to track and recall furnace data from our desks has made life so much easier. The new system has improved our ability to stay on top of scheduling and production,” said Doolittle.

Neither party anticipated this would be the first of many projects between the two companies. Zach Morgan, SSi’s engineer who managed the latest project, said, “Most recently, Cook’s engineers mentioned problematic combustion burners on a couple of their furnaces. With prices and lead times for new burners both astronomical, we collaborated and came up with a burner redesign which improved reliability, added ability to isolate burners, and complied with the latest NFPA86 requirements. Historically this level of engineering has originated from our Cincinnati, Ohio, main office but this gave us the opportunity to bring that to our West Coast customers.”