Stirweld is a celebrated leader in Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology, offering innovative and efficient friction stir welding process solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of industries like aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding. At the heart of their offerings is the FSW welding head for CNC machines. This equipment, notable for its affordability and market-leading cost-effectiveness, is meticulously designed for superior performance, producing robust and reliable welded assemblies. The innovative welding head not only integrates effortlessly with your CNC machining center but also transforms your machine tool into an advanced system adept in executing the FSW process, allowing for all operations to be conducted on a single machine.

Moreover, Stirweld boasts a selection of FSW welding spindles designed for high-load robots and a retractable pin tool FSW head, broadening the horizon of possibilities for your welding projects. These innovative offerings not only facilitate seamless integration with your CNC machining center but also efficiently convert your machine tool into a sophisticated system proficient in the FSW process. With these tools, complete all your operations on a single machine, significantly enhancing the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your welding applications.

Beyond providing unparalleled hardware, Stirweld is committed to assisting clients in part creation, offering advanced prototyping services accompanied by expert guidance every step of the way. From initial concept to prototype, their seasoned professionals ensure your vision is realized with utmost precision and quality. Trust in Stirweld, your reliable partner, for premium welding equipment and unmatched expertise in the friction stir welding process! Explore our innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to meet your precise welding needs in various demanding industries.