Heat Treat Equipment Company

Heat Treat Equipment was founded by John L. Becker, who has a distinguished career in the heat treat industry as the founder and long-time president of J.J. Becker Company, manufacturer of new furnaces and heat treat equipment.

The company has inventory of used and refurbished furnaces, generators, parts washers, and other heat treating equipment offered at competitive prices.

Heat Treat Equipment offers equipment installation and startup services, or can provide supervision services to help your people install equipment. We also have logistical services available and can arrange for rigging services.

Call 734-331-3939 if you are looking for a specific furnace or piece of equipment — or to receive a complete list of current inventory of used heat treat furnaces and equipment.

Heat Treat Equipment also offers appraisal services on used furnaces and heat treat equipment for sales and insurance purposes, as well as fire consulting services and consignment sales.