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Induction heating has been an essential component of high production manufacturing facilities in nearly all fields of various industries for years. The precise application of heat into certain workpiece sections for brazing, hardening and tempering, among numerous other joining or heating processes plays a crucial role in these industries and their processes. The utilization of induction heating allows such processes to be precisely controlled and repeated with the utmost accuracy. The standard induction heating system is comprised of the power supply, co-axial transformer or heating station, inductor/quenching arrangement (Commonly integrated for heat treating) and parts / material handling system. The transmission of energy to the workpiece via the induction heating unit is accomplished with the inductor (induction coil). The inductor is the key tool which precisely couples the required energy into the workpeice, thus creating the desired heating effect. The shape of the inductor is standardly designed to the shape of the workpiece section to be heated. Careful consideration is taken into account when designing an induction heating system and heating solutions. The following are some standard prerequisite for the system and application design; material to be heated, frequency selection, power requirements, depth of heat penetration and quenching (cooling) in order to obtain the optimal effect and desired result. Over time induction heating has developed in its special application fields, which nowadays surpasses alternative technologies. Below are examples of induction heating applications with some related work pieces:

  • Annealing (cable, wire and stock for drawing and extrusion, etc.)
  • Hardening (gears, chains, stamping dies, cutting tools, crank and cam shafts, etc.)
  • Tempering
  • Brazing; high temperature, hard and soft (electrical apparatuses i.e., motors, generators and power distribution equipment, also carbide tipped tooling i.e., saws, drills, etc.)
  • Pre-heating before welding/ weld repair (Steam and gas turbine components, etc)
  • Stress-free annealing after welding or forming processes
  • Joining and dismantling of shrink fittings ( Retaining & collector rings, couplings, turbine bolts, etc)
  • Bonding Curing of adhesives and glued joints (Automotive and aerospace structural components, etc.)
  • Forging Annealing of hot forms (Metal billets)
  • Curing and removal of coatings (Paints, varnishes & lacquers)

In order to suit specific applications, special frequency converters have been developed. The ELDEC transistorized converters of the High Frequency and Medium Frequency series are based on the IGBT transistor technology and offer possibilities for all mobile and stationary applications. The special features of the ELDEC HF- and MF-Generators are their small dimensions and their light weight, as well as the utilization of our specialized hand held co-axial transformer which is connected with the generator via a flexible power cable to provide a user friendly flexible output for versatile heating applications. The ELDEC co-axial transformers are designed with quick change inductor connectors for changing of the inductor (induction coil) when necessary for the respective heating tasks.

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