CEIA SPA is a leading manufacturer and designer of Medium to High frequency induction heating units.

Throughout its history, the commitment of CEIA brought the introduction of reliable solid state generators featuring the highest Quality Standards as well as very high performances, thus contributing to the widespread use of CEIA systems in the most important industrial fields around the world.

CEIA offers the Power Cube Family, a comprehensive modular line of equipment, featuring much-reduced dimensions, ideal for the industrial processes of heat treatment, brazing and soldering on all types of metal parts.

Next to a wide range of generators (Power Cube), the family includes control units (Master and Power Controllers) for the semi-automatic and automatic management of the heating cycles, a full range of optical sensors (SH Series) equipped with low-intensity laser aiming, wire solder dispensers (WF Series) for low and high temperature applications and a complete line of accessories.

The modular solution chosen by CEIA allows to create heating work-station having different characteristics according to the manufacturing and economic customer requirement.
Such solution made extremely flexible the choice of the final user who can decide, at any moment, to change the beginning configuration modifying either the model of the generator or adding a working process control unit.

Main applications:

  • • Induction brazing
  • • Tool brazing
  • • Tin Soldering
  • • Induction hardening
  • • Heat treatment
  • • Induction forging
  • • Localized heating